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    Adobe InDesign Crashing Constantly


      I am running Adobe InDesign CC 2015 in Mac Os X 10.9.5


      ID is crashing sometimes when I adjust kerning, sometimes when I change the size of a text box, sometimes when I cut and paste text, sometimes when I place a library item... basically when I try to work . . . and it's taking me 20 to 30 minutes to do 5 minutes' worth of work.


      What I've done.
      1) Reinstalled InDesign CC 2015
      2) Deleted prefs (numerous times)
      3) Installed the CopyTextPlugin.app

      4) Re-started and deleted prefs with every change

      5) Installed Muse CC 2014.3

      6) Uninstalled and re-installed Dreamweaver

      7) Uninstalled and re-installed Adobe Acrobat DC

      Going back to a previous version of InDesign isn't an option because I need to use paragraph shading.