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    MS ADS Authentication

      How can I realize a ADS Authentication in a Great MS ADS System with a lot of Domain Controllers (DC)?
      Top Domain is DC=corp
      Down under these Domain there are the country Domains de.corp, fr.corp, gb.corp,... and this Domains contains the Container users where e.g. my Account resist. adiedler@de.corp The Domains down the corp Domain trusted to the Top Domain corp.
      For a allover-the-company functionally Login-Dialog I have to realize a Dialog, who has a Dropdown with all availables Domains (de.corp, fr.corp,...) or a Dialog wo automatically find out in which domain the actual user resist. When I enter my Userdata to this mask, the CF Skript have to find automatically the correct IP or DNS Name for the DC of my Account. This will be a 2-step Login First the Form Data post my Loginname adiedler and try to find it recursivly from top (corp) down to user.de.corp. If found, the CFLDAP has to get back the result set with full ADS String for my name. Then the 2nd Step try to autenticate with the full Name and Passwort to the ADS. Any suggestions from you?