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    Having issues with properly exporting to epub for use with kindle viewer




      I am using Indesign CC 2015.  I exported an indesign document in the fixed layout epub format which has a transparent GIF image in it. This image partially overlaps a rectangle that has a solid background color.  No matter how I modify the settings in the export dialog boxes, the GIF image in the kindle previewer always has a visible solid white background in the region where it overlaps the solid rectangle.  By the way, I am converting the epub file to a mobi file with the kindle previewer.  Also, as a side note, I made sure the fonts are available for the indesign document before exporting it.  I also tried exporting the indesign document in the free flowing epub format and the transparency is preserved in the kindle viewer except I get additional pages of garbage added to the document.  How can I make this work? I was told that I should export the indesign document in the fixed layout epub format in order to use with kindle viewers.  Any help would be much appreciated.


      Thank you.