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    Problem with Jittery flash movies on CD-ROM

    andyulrika_is_back Level 1

      I'm having a lot of trouble with flash files - Can someone please give me some advice or even better some code!

      I have a movie which is linked to around 20 animated flash movies which includes images of musical scores with a soundtrack embedded into the flash movie - not ideal but that's the way it's done now.

      Anyway, the problem now is that while testing the movie I noticed a melt down of speed as far as the flash movies are concerned. I have them all preloaded which I now think is wrong. Since they are quite large files. The sync is getting lost between what is visually happening in the movies compared to the soundtrack.

      Should I not be preloading them all and only loading them on entering the frame - and should I be unloading them after they have finished.

      Can someone please help me out with some lingo!

      Any help much appreciated.