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    "Save image" : where to tweak the specs ?


      The feature I am refering to is 'Enregistrer l'image' in my French version of Draw. I suppose that in English, it comes out as 'Save image' or 'Save as'. Not sure. Sorry for the translation.

      I love this Adobe Draw app, having come here from Adobe Ideas (which I really really liked and which got me totally hooked on digital drawing and digital medias).

      But not having any control over the exporting of my drawing in my 'picture roll' or 'image folder' on the ipad is really frustrating.

      Is there something I'm missing ? Is there a way to make decisions about that and I haven't figured it out yet ? (Please read on before making suggetions)

      What is the resolution of that jpeg that Adobe Draw allows me to save ?

      No other options are available to me as I am not in the Adobe Creative Cloud, or Behancé, and do not have the desktop applications such as Illustration, etc.

      So unless I caugh up the $ to join those options, all I am left with is save to my ipad image folder.

      But that 'save to' doesn't allow me any decisions about the size of my image, its resolution, its format, etc.

      More important is the fact that in doing so I loose all the precious value and virtue of the vector image format now turned into a much poorer jpgeg.


      Now, if I had a twisted mind, I'd say it is a marketing decision on the part of Adobe to force me into Adobe Creative Cloud, etc.  ;-)

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          fileajj Level 1

          Excuse the the big post as there is no spoiler option. Your first question: image reselotion. This is automatically set by the app depending of the image size. It is usually at the highest resolution. Second question: resizing images/image options. There is no image options but you can resize an image. Here's how:

          1.) open up a project (I'm using a example one)


          2.) In this project the image is zoomed out, so when we save it it will be zoomed out with bad quality. To fix this: in the project, zoom in or out. What you see on your screen is what will appear in the saved image.




          3.) save the image and it should appear how it is seen from the project view in the saved photo in your camera roll.



          4.) how it looks without zooming in or out in the project when saved in camera roll



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            3eCheval Level 1

            Thank you so much for this suggestion!!!!!

            You make my day.

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              I am having the same problem and it seems to me that somehow we are forced into getting the desktop version of Illustrator...