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    New build for HD & 4K


      Hello, I want to build a new PC for HD/4K editing and compositing. I came up with this system:


      Motherboard: Asus X99-Pro / USB 3.1

      CPU: i7 5930K

      CPU Cooling: Noctua NH-D15

      GPU: GTX 980 Ti

      DDR: 64GB DDR4 2400

      System SSD: 512 GB Samsung 850 Pro

      Cache SSD: 512 GB Samsung 850 Pro

      Thunderbolt Adapter: Asus Thunderbolt EX/II Dual

      Power: be quiet! 1000 W

      Case: Corsair Obsidian Series 750D


      Here is a link to my shopping cart, it's about 3.000€ in total: https://www.mindfactory.de/shopping_cart.php/basket_action/load_basket_extern/id/b1fe12221 da8f0cd1fee79777acc4c0dc682175baea9bde5c8d


      For Media Storage I want to connect a Areca ARC-8050T2 Thunderbolt Raid with the Asus Adapter.

      Do you recommend any drives for the raid array? Can I go with WD SE Enterprise 4TB drives?


      What do you think? Any help and suggestions are very welcome, it's a big expense for me and I want to do this right!

      Thank you

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          nice build overall. the big variable is the Areca storage. if you are going that route for 20tb+ online capacity for current projects, it should be fine.  if you are doing that for speed, you could go with a few ssd's instead and then archive finished projects to a large hdd(s). sata ssd's currently top at 2tb, with 4tb and larger in the works. depending on your needs, another option may be to keep it all internal with a raid card. it would also be a good idea to have a backup of whichever raid you go with, it could be another external hdd(s) or nas, etc.


          as for which hdd's to use, take a look at areca's website, in support and downloads. there should be a hdd compatibility list, of drives they have tested and recommend.