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    For CPU is better more cores or higher frequency?

    crisap97577491 Level 1

      Hi, im looking for a new video editing workstation (but using AE, Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign too), im asking if better to buy


      an i7 5820k (Haswell) 6 core socket 2011 3.3 GHZ 15 MB Cache (369 euro)


      an i7 6700 (SkyLake) 4 core 4.0 GHZ socket 1151 8 MB Cache (390 euro)


      or some suggestions?


      my budget is around (350-400 euro) for the CPU


      the question is, which parameter is more important for editing video? rendering on effects, export and manage complex time lines, with H.264 DSLR 45 mbps format videos?



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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          i second the i7-5820k, which can be overclocked to get higher clock speeds. it also gives much better cpu upgrade options in the future.

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            KeiserSozai Level 1

            Sorry to hijack this thread but it was the first one I found that was similar to my query. Instead of haswell vs skylake I am looking for a difference between i7 and xeon. There are a lot of really cheap xeon chips on ebay. A particular one is the e5 2670 v3 with 10 cores at 2.3ghtz at US$350. I read an article on a website owned by a business that makes highend computers and servers that basically said Adobe Premiere doesn't utilise more than 6 cores. If this is true I'm gonna have to re-evaluate my thinking.

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              RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

              many of the cheaper xeon's on ebay are engineering samples that have lower clock speed. so a slow 10 core at $400 is basically going to perform the same as a $400 i7 6 core.


              premiere can use more than 6 cores, but there are times when premiere doesn't multi-thread very well. so having 10 medium to slow cores at times will be alot worse than 6 fast cores from an i7.  Tweakers Page - Single or dual cpu

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                JEShort01 Level 4

                For those willing to get previous generation CPUs from eBay there are some awesome "deals" out there (for someone willing to educate themselves on LOTs of chip subtleties for a Premiere Pro build). The best "deals" however are NOT for the v3 series e5-26xx CPUs (unless of course you're willing to run ES chips - I am not), but rather for the original and v2 models which support DDR3 memory. I'm using e5-26xx v3's now, but have also found they seem to be only marginally better than the v1 and v2 CPUs I've used. And while DDR4 blows away the performance of DDR3 on paper, I can't say that I see much of a difference in how the RAM speed effects Premiere Pro.


                If you go e5-26xx on a budget (v1,v2 series), I would suggest:

                - Base frequency of at least 3.0; the lower base frequency will effect GPU speed and other aspects of your PC when running Premiere Pro

                - Think hard about your workflow - what are you doing, where do you care about speed - timeline responsiveness, renders to DVD, renders to Blu-ray, you might run After Effects too, etc. Premier Pro remains a very interesting and curious beast in that different workflows hit certain aspects of the PC harder - CPU, RAM, GPU, drives, etc.

                - Keep ever so important need to have a balanced build - CPU, GPU, RAM, drives are all important factors


                BTW, I read a very compelling article on Puget System's site that indicated Premiere Pro didn't utilize past dual 6-core CPUs (I'm going from memory on this one), but I assure you that for some workflows ALL CPU cores are fully utilized at times and I am fond of dual-Xeon builds. If you are cutting 4 layer HD or single layer 4k, then you will likely be best served by an overclocked 6 or 8 core i7 (or overclocked e5-16xxv3) or a dual Xeon 4 or 6 core build. When you're cutting Red 6K, 10+ layers of HD, or multi-layers of 4K, then you may need to shoot for something bigger and badder (and the budget will soar ).