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    Exporting jpeg problems with a catalog that is imported from mac to pc.


      I cannot export jpeg images from a LR catolog that I have exported from my macbook pro to a pc with windows 10. I have LR CC on both, with the same version. I have 6 folders in th LR cat that I copied. The first one was ok, and I have been able to export jpeg from it. However, with the rest of the folders I cannot export jpeg. They look ok on my pc, they are linked with the raw images, LR thinks it has exported them ok, but the jpeg file is not ok, as it is impossible to open it. I have tried reexporting/imported them in different ways, but nothing works. I have tried copying the whole LR cat, the separate LR folder catalogs etc. If I try exporting jpeg on the mac from the catalogs there, that works fine. So it seems to be a problem with the imorted catalogs on the pc. And other catalogs on my pc, there is no problem exporting jpeg from them.