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    Question about Director

      I am wanting to make an interactive photo album. I want a main menu that will have each family member, then when you click on it, it will take you to the pictures and you can scroll through them, by page, and you can click on them to make them larger.

      Can this be done with Director? If not, could you suggest a program.

      Thanks in advance for the help!
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          Hi Nim,

          You could very easily create an application in Director for a photo album effect.
          In fact, I've created many myself. However, with everything in Director, you'll
          need to design the look and feel yourself from scratch and you'll have to program
          all the interactive elements. Director does not come with templates for 'typical'

          For photoalbums, there is other software designed specifically for this purpose
          that simplifies the process. I'm sure if you search 'photo album software' in
          Google, you'll come up with a few. One web based photo album program is JAlbum:
          It's free and is quite a nifty application.Very easy to use. You can choose a
          template, point to a folder of JPGs, and in seconds, it generates web-based
          interactive slide show of the images based on the look and feel in the chosen

          The advantage of a program like JAlbum is that it is much faster to create your
          application as you have a predefned structure to work with. The disadvantage may be
          any limitations of that structure.

          So, your choice is to use Director with the advantages of
          - total control of the design of the application and how the inetractivity will
          - can include complex interactivity with the only limitations bases on your own
          - can create sophisticated multimedia applications beyond photo-albums
          - is extremely powerful

          - Because it can do so much, can be difficult to learn everything quickly
          - Is not cheap if you're just getting it for a one off purpose

          Anyway, hope that answers your question.

          If you do go into Director, it is a great application, and there are lots of web
          resources to help you get started, including my own tutorials at:


          Director Lecturer / Consultant