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    Color shift problem with Lightroom and RAW images.



      I am having a color shift problem with Lightroom and RAW images.

      In Apple Photos the RAW conversion is spot on to the true color of the object, even when exporting to JPG with SRGB color profile.

      Using the same RAW file in Lightroom and both the preview and exported image is quite off in color.

      I made a sample file to show this. The ones showing the RAW files are screenshots and the output files are actual outputs


      How can I get Lightroom to be better about color like Apple Photos?



      iMac 27” 5K

      Mac OS X 10.11.x

      Apple Photos:

      Version 1.2 (340.4.0)

      Digital Camera RAW 6.17 (825)

      Digital Camera RAW Support 6170 (201)



      20015.3  CC

      RAW 9.3

      Using 2012 Camara calibration settings with Adobe standard profile


      Canon 70D CR2 RAW files

      Thanks! ~Shaun

      Apple Photos VS LR.jpg