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    Need help with element 3d


      I have studio template which needs element 3d, I installed it but studio lost some colors and parts, When I check it in Scene Setup ( Effect controls) its normal but on composition screen it has some parts missing. Anyone knows what can be a problem? Capture.PNG

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          FrankPostProd Level 1

          From the looks of it, it seams like you're missing the texture for the floor.

          In your E3D scene panel, I can see that elements 114_anno to 118_Anno are pure white. Finding and reconnecting the texture in the "Scene material" tab should fix your problem.



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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            I concur with what frankpostprod said. Check your texture paths. Either go in and update each of them manually or point the global E3D prefs to the folder.



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              Nikolozzz Level 1

              Thank you. I don't know much about after effect but somehow it worked . But now I have another problem and maybe you could help me. Quality is too high, rendering takes forever and after rendering, video is lagging when I open it. Here you can see comp resolution and settings Im using to render (I did not change anything) . Do you know what can be a problem for lagging? I mean after rendering why it should lag.








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                FrankPostProd Level 1

                You should check the "Output Options" in the Element 3D and look for Multi-Sampling and Super-Sampling; the higher the numbers the longer it will take to render (better details too).


                In the render queue, you did not specify a compression Codec within your AVI wrapper. Uncompress media have a huge bite rate that is hard to playback in real time. DNxHD is a good choice and is kinda like the ProRes for PC.



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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  After rendering, it will lag because you are rendering to a format with an extremely high data rate. Your hard drive can't deliver the data fast enough to play it back smoothly.

                  Take that file you rendered, drop it in the Adobe Media Encoder and render to a deliverable format (like an H.264). The Adobe Media Encoder even has presets for compressing it for YouTube.

                  More info here: FAQ: Why is my output file huge, and why doesn't it play back smoothly?


                  What you did is my normal workflow. I render to an intermediate format and then I bring that video into Premiere to do audio work or to continue the edit or, if it's totally done, I use AME to make my deliverable.

                  Some people just send their AE composition directly to the Adobe Media Encoder to render it though and that works too. I just like having a lossless version around.