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    Getting rid of the "Book" and "Page" hovers

      I've removed all of the tooltip hovers in the TOC, including book names, topic names, and the handy "toc" tooltip.

      Now I'd like to get rid of the "Book" and "Page" hovers. I browsed through Skinny and didn't see anything about those. If it is in there, please let me know.

      My LNG File has


      so I figured that they'd be blank, but the hovers insist on hanging around when you mouse over them. What should I modify to make those hovers go away?
        • 1. Getting rid of the "Book" and "Page" hovers
          HWHomberg Level 1
          After some poking around, I got rid of them. I'll post it here for anyone that's curious. (It may be documented elsewhere, not sure).

          I assumed that changing the LNG File would do what I was looking for, but guess not. Changing the name will modify the names of Book and Page, but just putting a blank for them in the LNG File didn't get rid of the hovers for me.

          Anyway, whthost.js is the file you'll modify, and all you're doing is changing the alt's for Book and Page. These modifications are done assuming the default names of "Book" and "Page".

          Look for


          and change it to


          Then look for

          <img alt=\"Book\"

          and change it to

          <img alt=\"\"

          Then the Book and Page graphics won't have the tooltip hovers anymore. Save whthost.js somewhere else so you can copy it to where you need it if RoboHelp overwrites it when you generate / publish.