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    Changing time format in Lightroom 6 from 12 h (AM/PM) to 24 hours



      I wonder if someone could hel me with this?

      I cannot find a way to change the preferred time format from 12 hours to 24 hours. I use Lightroom 6 on a MacBook Pro with OS 11.1.1. I think the problem might be caused by the fact that the time format at the time of installation of LR6 was is 12 hours. I have changed the preferred time format in Finder to 24 hours, but it does not seem to impact on the format in LR6. Do I have to reinstall LR to fix this or is there a way around it?

      My camera (Nikon D700) is set with 24 hours format and downloaded photos in Nikons own ViewNX2 on my computer is in 24 hours format. When I import photos into LR6 they end up with 12 hours format.

      I would have expected that  LR would have a panel where you could chose between 12 and 24 hours time setup.

      Anyone have a way to fix this?