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    Conversion from Illuminant C for a print document: D65 or D50?

    MarieMeyer Level 1

      I have some old color data from the 1930's that is expressed as coordinate data using Illuminant C. I need to reproduce it as swatches in a document for offset printing I am going to prepare using InDesign. I can convert the coordinates to LAB using software. However, that requires that I replace Illuminant C with either D50 or D65. I know that D65 is the closer match to the obsolete Illuminant C. But this project is destined for print production, where it will be viewed in a D50 light booth. I've also been told that the Adobe color engine also presumes D50 for everything.


      Are there color management settings I can use to somehow preserve the appearance of the C-to-D65 conversion? Or should I just accept the inevitable and convert straight from C to D50?