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    Get rid of "MIssing Font" Message

    Jack Level 1

      My document always opens with the following message:


      “The document (name) uses fonts that are currently unavailable on your computer…” Missing Fonts: Minion Pro Light.


      Not the end of the world, but would be nice if I could avoid having to close that message, every time I open my document. Have tried to get rid of the object that has this font, but that turned out to have its own difficulties. Maybe best to download Minion Pro Light, and be done with it? Is that the default font for most of inDesign's text objects? Or is there another solution? Or would one of you please show me another way to "fix" my document so that this prompt no longer shows up. Maybe I need to find that object and fix its font, but not sure how to do that. As I said, have tried in the past.