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    How to restore a backup catalog to my images on a new iMac


      I have a single Lightroom catalog of all my images of nearly 700GB

      I made a backup of the catalog settings (without images) a day before my old iMac died

      I also have a backup of the images via Time Machine (made daily)

      I bought a new iMac and copied the images into it from Time Machine - preserving the same folder structure. I also have the saved catalog settings backup on the new machine.




      My question is: in the newly installed copy of LR on my new machine, how do I restore and apply that saved catalog to the related images that are now on my new iMac?  Do I do a new import of the images into LR and then somehow apply the catalog to it, or do I load the catalog and then direct it to the images it relates to?  I tried the latter and all I get is a screen full of blank thumbnails with question marks on them.


      Thanks in advance.