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    Cannot select font weights in inDesign CS6/ Type disappears in text box

    Dale Wilcox Level 1

      (Using Macbook Pro i7 on OSX El Capitan)


      When I create a type box and have my typeface and weight initially set everything is ok. When I decide to play with the font weight I cannot access them at all. In order to change the weight I have to manually type it in. There have also been a few occasions when this happens to the typeface itself.


      I am also finding that my type is disappearing within the type box. There is no color change or anything...it just disappears. It happens after I have finished typing and it also happens after I have pasted it in too. Most of the time I can just resize the text box and the text reappears but on a few occasions I have had to restart inDesign. Just to clarify this part a bit more. I am not talking about the over text that continues on outside the range of the box. This is ALL of the text within the box itself. For example: you create a text box and type in a few words and then deselect it. When I deselect, everything I just typed and saw vanishes. I can click inside the box and my cursor will show that there is something there but it is not visible. Same with highlighting everything. You can see the highlight but no text.


      All of these problems started after updating to OSX El Capitan. I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue and if so is Adobe aware and working on the problem?