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      Any help would be greatly appreciate regarding the following issue:

      The problem can be reproduced by doing the following:

      1) creating a swf with an input text field

      2) importing it to stage in director and publishing

      3) Add Russian and Japanese to the systems language settings (language bar)

      4) Open swf, try typing 'ko' with keyboard switched to russian (works fine)
      Switch the keyboard to japanese and then the input mode to 'Hiragana', try typing 'ko' and then hit enter to get the IME to insert the text (works fine)

      5) Open the published director projector and repeat the above process and you should notice that the Russian text enters correctly but then the Japanese resolves as a question mark.

      This problem seems to be true of any languages that use the IME interface for a double-byte language. Note, all the very latest xtras (including flash 8 asset xtra) have been installed and are running on Director MX 2004 10.1. We have also tried this running on MX 9 with the asset xtras we found here http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/knowledgebase/index.cfm?id=tn_16830#update but this still gave rise to question marks.

      Hopefully we are missing a trick here because we have been clawing our way at this for two days now without any luck. I can't believe Japanese people can't enter text in a projector so we would really appreciate any comments or insights anybody might have.

      NB: We have seen several places where people have mentioned director can receive unicode but we still have not seen this capability and in every instance we have dealt with unicode so far, we have had to URLEncode() the string before sending it to director. Unfortunately this is not viable for the IME as even flash 8's IME class becomes completely unaware of the IME when embedded in a director projector.

      Special plee goes out to Tom Higgins to reply to this as he seems to be the man in the know!

      All ideas, hacky work-arounds and similar experiences muchly sought after.

          Timalah Level 1
          An interesting thing that we have discovered (despite relentless searching for 'director ime' on google and macromedia with no hint of the setting) is that Director has a setting in the preferences for 'inlineIMEEnabled'. Now with this set to true, as you type the characters in the IME, they appear as question marks. Whereas with this set to false (as by default), the characters appear correctly as you type but then enter incorrectly into the textfield.

          This is a hint to us that we must be doing something wrong but for the life of us, can't figure it out. Another point to note is that although this option can be ticked in the general preferences, if we tick it, click ok and then go back, the box has unchecked itself. The way we tested it was to put the code _player.inlineIMEEnabled = true at the first frame of our projector. Hopefully this may give a few more hints.
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            Timalah Level 1
            Hmm well we have discovered probably two things of note. The first is that this problem does not exist when published on the mac as it would appear director for mac supports unicode.

            Secondly, we found that this works without issue if the system has been fully set to japanese (requires restart). So finding this out, our fears have been alayed for this project - we are now able to display and enter any language and save down etc - pretty cool.

            It would still be nice however, to be able to enter text via the ime without needing to configure the entire system to the same language as the field is capable of displaying the characters fine. To take a guess, we think this must be due to director using some kind of ascii mapping from the ime's result, to pass to flash and that this works when the system is in japanese because this sets some kind of system font mapping for ascii japanese.

            This is all guesswork and anybody that actually knows hows this stuff, please shed some light =)

            Hope this helps anyone experiencing similar frustrations.