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    20-page file - trying to print booklet removes 1 page and adds a blank page

    lemack Level 1



      I have a 20-page booklet (definitely multiples of 4) but when I try to print as a booklet the preview removes page 19 and adds a blank page at the end of the document for no reason. I've created new documents and copy/pasted everything in, in case there was an error in the original doc setup, but the print booklet feature did exactly the same thing. Removed page 19 and added a blank page at the end.


      It doesn't matter whether I specify a page range or choose 'All', it keeps removing the same page.


      Can someone help with this? It seems like a crazy glitch, but I've printed booklets before without any problems. It seems now I can't print anything as a booklet though.


      My page settings are like so: a1-a2, 1-18. (The first two pages are prefixed.)


      Totally driving me nuts.