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    Display Performance problems - ID CC 2015 + El Capitan


      I have InDesign Display Performance prefs set to High Quality, with all the sliders to the right.  When I display the document, many images are showing up pixelated. Even though High Quality Display is also selected in the Object>Display Performance menu, I have to select a lower quality setting and then reselect High Quality to have the image display properly.


      - All my images are high quality, high resolution. The jaggies are NOT inherent to the images.

      - All images are linked properly.

      - I'm also seeing the same behavior when I switch to presentation mode.


      I read on the forum that there was a similar, but slightly different issue with Display Performance where an Adobe staff member suggested setting Greek Text below box to zero, but that did not help.

      I've also tried trashing my prefs file, signing out and signing back in, but that did not help.

      Running ID on Mac OS X 10.11.1 


      Suggestions? Thank you!