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    Implement Edge Animate Button into Muse

    Wolvz Level 1



      Just a quick question here, probably a really simple answer but couldn't find it after searching around for a few hours. What I'm trying to do is use an animated button I created in Edge animate to trigger another animation within Muse (also from animate, i.e a panel slide.) Now while this could probably be pieced together in Edge alone and put into Muse as a whole, I wanted the flexibility for other pages where I want to be able to dynamically change the content frequently and trigger other actions later on such as links, music or even videos.


      I do know that I can add the 'click' action > 'Link' action in edge, but I don't believe that'll trigger an animation nor allow for demo testing in muse to link to other pages meaning bugs will require live hosting to test easily.


      Any advice is welcome!