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    I don't understand the new preview pannel in CC 2015


      Hi everyone !


      Here's my problem:


      I've been through all the options and everything but I couldn't find how I can have a preview as it was in the CC 2014 version, I mean just a simple preview, in real time, with the music, like I used to, I remember that you had to wait for the work area to be completely green and then it would play, now it starts already without even loading the full area, so it's not in real time, music is slowed down as well, sometimes stop and the biggest problem is that EVEN if the work area is totally green it keeps loading the whole composition so I have to wait that the whole composition is loaded in green so I can have that nice, in real time, with music, preview, it makes no sense.


      Does anyone know how can I fix this please ? I'm losing so much time on this, it used to work so well in the latest version I just don't get it, plus when I'm switching every options in the preview pannel it doesn't seem to change anything, that's just weird.


      I know it's all explained in the "previewing" Adobe help page but my english is not that great and I couldn't find any answers there.


      Thank you !