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    RH 7- Image resolution or home page resolution- webhelp

    sri_nadiger Level 1
      I am currently using RH 7. I have to place an image (product logo) on the default page or home page which will be displayed when the user clicks on help button. The product logo is 1024x667 dimension. If the user’s resolution is 1024x667, then the image or product logo looks perfect. But, if the user’s monitor resolution is 1440x900 or any other monitor resolution greater than 1024x667, then I am observing that there is a gap on right-hand side and also at the bottom of the page.
      I am currently selecting the option Topic Border and Shading from the Format menu and then select Shading to place or insert my image. I am not sure if this is the right step to do it. I did this because if the user has a lower resolution like 800X420 then we get a scroll bar on the home page which we did not want.
      1.Can I fix or the default window of the browser resolution to 1024X667 through robohelp, so that when the user clicks the help button the browser is displayed in 1024x667 dimension?
      2.Can the image (product logo) fixed as per the browser settings of the user?
      3.Can we eliminate the gap in the home page?

      I am sure this is a pretty long question, but please do guide me with a solution.

      Thank you,
      Sriharsha Nadiger