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    How can I export a pdf document to my computer and then edit it.  I am talking about something like a bank statement?


      I have been able in the past to select the part of my bank statement that I want to place in my word processing program, OpenOffice 4.1.2, and then I can edit it.  I am no longer able to do this.  The bank asked me to get Acrobat Reader DC, which I installed, and now when I download the pdf document to my computer, I can see it, but I cannot edit it.  I want to be able to edit it to take out any information I do not need (four pages of bank info), and I want to just keep the information I want and copy it for my files.  How can I do this?  I have Windows 10, and OpenOffice 4.1.2, as a word processor.  Please help.  e-mail: keystonerose-computer3@yahoo.com