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    How do I change from individual to team membership? Already accepted invite by mistake.


      Hi there


      Our team at my company got an Adobe CC team plan today. I was already on an individual plan with my personal e-mail address. They sent the invite to my work e-mail address and when I accepted the invite I didn't see any options regarding my new account. I created new account with work e-mail. I now have two accounts. My individual plan is a year plan but I was hoping to somehow link the accounts, or just change over to the new team one so that both aren't billed as I will only be using the new team membership account?


      Personal account email: hildakritzinger@gmail.com


      New team account email: hilda@clockworkmedia.co.za


      I tried following the instructions on the help page below but it seems because I already accepted invite I can't do this anymore.

      Upgrade or change your Creative Cloud plan

      At the above help article under "Switch your membership type"


      Assistance will be appreciated