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    Separations Preview Panel - disappeared percentages


      I turn to you asking for advice on a problem to display in the "Separations Preview" Panel.

      (I apologize in advance for my English :)).


      Well, this panel have stopped me to show the percentages of each color. I enclose a screenshot.

      Normally, when you hover on a yellow object in the panel there would be a value of 100% beside color "Yellow". Now, as you can see, there's nothing there.


      I do not understand how, where and why. It happened suddenly.

      I reset the preferences of the program - to no avail.

      I reinstalling InDesign - also to no avail.


      I would be grateful for any suggestions.



      InDesign CS4 (update 6.0.6)

      Windows 7 64bit Home

      Intel Core i5-650

      GeForce GTX 750

      RAM: 16 GB