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    Why won't Lightroom import from my iPhone


      Lightroom will no longer import from my iPhone.


      When I try to import from LR, the import screen drops the connection and I'm unable to select the images to import before this happens. Once dropped, I have to disconnect the reconnect the iPhone before it reappears in the import screen - then the issue repeats. Lightroom, seemingly, drops or ejects the iPhone within a couple of seconds.


      If I quickly click import without selecting images the copy screen hangs for ages then reports: '... files cannot be read'


      I see various threads covering this but no solution. I have an iPhone 6s plus, Mac Pro (late 2013), Mac OS 10.11.1 and Lightroom 6.3.


      I can successfully import with Image Capture so it's not an iPhone/cabling issue.


      None of this happened with previous phones and before upgrading to OS 10.11.1 - unfortunately I did both around the same time.. However, both Mac and iPhone work fine when Lightroom isn't involved.


      I've spoken at length with Apple about this - they say it's a Lightroom issue. Can anyone help?