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    Insane PDF filesize exported from InDesign CC


      Hi all,


      Lately I've noticed some of my PDFs comming from InDesign to have some nightmarish file-sizes.


      I have one  A4 page with a couple of paragraphs of plain text + a background image linked from a PSD file. The PSD file is 7MB.

      When using the export options in InDesign, no matter what I do the filesize is somewhere between 5MB and 7MB.

      This is insane.


      It doesn't matter if I set the Compression options to 72 DPI and Compression type to JPG (with LOW settings!!).


      InDesign behaves kind of like not doing anything to the PSD file when exporting.


      I used to always work with a lot of huge PSD files linked in Indd files and not worry about their size because when exporting Indesign always did a fantastic job of optimizing the raster graphics when exporting to PDF.

      It's not the case with the CC version.


      As soon as I saved the PSD file to a JPG, and substituted the PSD with the small JPG in Indd file, the resulting PDF slimmed down to 60KB (!!!).


      Is this a bug? It looks like it very much so.


      I've tried all the export options there are in the Export Window (like "crop image date to frames" and "compress text and vector graphics").