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    I can't see the positioning toolbar in robohelp!

      I can't see the positioning toolbar eventhough i have it clicked on, with a tick next to it, under the toolbar menu. I have browsed this forum before and done a number of things that have been suggested to try and solve this issue, these include:
      - opening a new topic to see if its there
      - creating a new topic and checking if its there
      - maximising and minimising robohelp to saee if its lurking anywhere there
      - reducing my windows toolbar
      - changing the registry - specifically the Toolbarvisible property

      However none of them have worked! One thing that i have also noticed is that i am not able to send a positioned text box to the back of a robohelp topic, i think this must be linked to the toolbar issue given that this function can be found on the positioning toolbar (according to the robohelp manual).

      Oh and for the record i am in version X5 and generating webhelp.