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    Rig for Premiere Elements 14


      Hello everybody.
      I'm planning to spend this holiday season sourcing the parts for a new PC for my father. He's recently started doing some home video editing and found that Premiere Elements 14 demands a little more than that current machine can offer. I'm working on a budget, but requirements are fairly lax. He'll only be doing minor editing of 720/1080p footage with little to no post-processing. Aside from that, it'll be a basic home computer: checking emails, internet browsing, office work, etc.


      A5PECT - Saved Part Lists - PCPartPicker

      - Intel Core i5-4590

      - ASRock H97M PRO4 Micro ATX LGA1150

      - Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1600

      - EVGA GeForce GTX 950 2GB Superclocked

      - Cooler Master N200 MicroATX Mid Tower Case

      - Silverstone 300W 80+ Bronze Certified SFX

      - Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)


      I have a feeling the graphics card is overkill, but I'm skeptical that the integrated graphics in the CPU will be sufficient.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          PE does not do hardware acceleration like PPro, so almost any modern card will work

          http://blogs.adobe.com/premiereprotraining/2011/02/cuda-mercury-playback-engine-and-adobe- premiere-pro.html


          I personally think that power supply is too small

          Use the Power supply calculator http://extreme.outervision.com/index.jsp (the PRO version has more options) to determine your power supply needs

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            A5PECT Level 1

            That's good to hear about PE.


            I know I'm short on power, but I was looking more towards cutting down the graphics card instead of scaling up the PSU. Any recommendations for a budget card that fits the bill?


            On a tangential note, I'm building a new PC for myself and I use Premiere Pro. Will it benefit from a GTX 980 Ti?

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              cc_merchant Level 4

              Only if you have an overclocked 6 or 8 core CPU, 32+ GB DDR4-2400+ memory and a very fast disk setup, no volumes slower than 450 MB/s.

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                A5PECT Level 1

                I see. Here's the machine I'm looking to build for myself: A5PECT - Saved Part Lists - PCPartPicker


                I'm trying to stay under 2000 USD for the parts listed. I'm okay with the GPU being throttled back with Premiere, as I intend to get most of my usage of the card to come from gaming.

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                  cc_merchant Level 4

                  For this system, a GTX 970 is more than enough. The GTX 980Ti is overkill.

                  For gaming, use a separate machine, not the editing machine.

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                    RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                    i don't use premiere elements, but if what the others say is true and premiere elements doesn't use gpu acceleration, then the intel graphics inside the i5 cpu is fine. you can always add a video card later if something does change... save the money on the graphics card for a better psu and a ssd for windows and apps. then using the hdd for storage and footage/media to edit.


                    for your game/edit rig, the i7-4790K is a good cpu, but only offers ddr3. you would have to go haswell-e or skylake to get ddr4. whichever you go with, consider faster memory that the motherboard supports, like 2400mhz as it can help both premiere and games.

                    to have a better chance of overclocking and/or quieter operation, consider something like the new Noctua NH-D15S.

                    depending on what you are editing in premiere, the type of footage etc, you may want to get two 1tb hdd's and setup raid 0 on the motherboard for better speed. if your footage will fit on a small ssd, that would be even better. then a 1 or 2tb external usb drive for project backups and a clone of the windows ssd drive.

                    if you want to keep adobe's mess of software from interfering with other apps/games installed, you could dual boot two installations of windows. windows has become better at preventing apps from trashing windows, and many do fine using a single install for all programs.

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                      A5PECT Level 1

                      Ah, thank you very much for the comprehensive response.


                      According to documentation here and here, hardware acceleration has been introduced as of PE14 (which is the version my father is using). The wording is rather vague, but it seems to imply that Elements only supports hardware acceleration via an integrated GPU. It looks like dropping the video card from my father's build is the right move after all.


                      I was a little wary of going for early adoption of Skylake as I don't have a lot of technical experience. These are only my second and third home-built machines. I'll look into a Skylake/DDR4 setup.

                      I am planning on doing a bit of overclocking, but noise levels aren't a concern. I actually prefer my PCs a little buzzy.


                      Dual booting is an appealing solution. I've never done it myself; does it mean I need to get two OS licenses?

                      Oh, and is that Noctua cooler 2x4pin connectors for the two fans, or is it 1x4pin for both?

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                        RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                        i believe both of the cpu's in your builds are haswell refresh chips. skylake cpu's that replace them aren't much faster, so cpu to cpu, they aren't worth the upgrade. where they can be worth the upgrade is with new features like ddr4, usb 3.1, and for your fathers build a faster intel hd graphics. faster memory will also help the intel hd graphics perform better, as it uses system ram for graphics memory. if you don't care about those features for your game rig, just going with faster ddr3 memory should help. both of these builds would only be considered good for HD/1080p content, and haswell-E 6 core being entry level for 4k editing.


                        the links you have for premiere elements say it can use the intel graphics. i tried searching to see if its using intel's quick sync, but i couldn't find anything, so it may not be using it. you may have to ask in the premiere elements forums and/or contact adobe to try and get better info on the hardware acceleration. if the hardware acceleration is not very useful to premiere elements, upgrading to skylake for better graphics won't be worth it.


                        the noctua D15 has two fans (so 2x4pin), and should come with a y-adapter to combine them if need. the D15S only has a single fan, but i thought it was cheaper than i'm seeing it priced at now. if you aren't worried about noise there are cheaper heatsinks available, that are still bigger than the hyper 212. you can look thru reviews to find one you are comfortable with its price and overclocking performance. whichever you go with, make sure it fits in the case, these can be pretty big/tall.


                        for dual boot, i don't know if the fine print in the license agreement requires two licenses or not. it may also depend on oem vs retail license. if you want to try it, there should be guides online on how to do it. one with cloning the first install might be a good way to do it, but may require fixing the boot menu with easybcd or bcdedit.

                        i personally wouldn't bother as windows is much better than it used to be at protecting itself from installed programs. i would just keep a backup or clone of windows before installing adobe or other big apps, to have something to recover to if one of those programs cause problems. you can also use msconfig, to disable startup programs like adobe's, to prevent them from interfering with other programs. most programs work fine with these startup's disabled, as they usually will be started by the program, if required when the program is opened.

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                          A5PECT Level 1

                          MLB (Father's)

                          JRB v2 (Mine)


                          I've updated the part lists. I've scrapped the video card in my father's machine and brought in a small SSD. The 300W PSU should be adequate now, no?


                          For my machine I decided to go for Skyake: an i5 6600k. This choice is mainly for the sake of future proofing: down the road I plan on upgrading to an i7, in addition to another 16GB RAM (32GB total at that point), and two more drives. The RAM is now DDR4-3200, as many of my games are memory-dependent (I'm fond of open-world titles, which seem to be the main culprit). The mobo is changed as well, to accommodate the above. I've upped the starting SSD to 512GB, and am going with a Deepcool Frostwin for the CPU cooler.


                          As I said, I'm not very tech-savvy. What are the benefits of two HDDs in RAID-0? Just more space to work with large files? I'll probably only be working with 720/1080 footage, as I'm only a student at the moment. I'm thinking the 512GB SSD will be a good amount to start with. The working space for Premiere and other production programs will have to be shared with a ton of games, though. I'll see how the spacing works out before looking at extra storage.

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                            RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                            300w should be enough, but a 400w would allow alot more options if a video card ever does go into that system. the cooler master N200 seems to take ATX, so is there a reason for the SFX form factor psu? corsair and seasonic have some 400w-ish power supplies around the same price. nothing great around that price, so you might go with who you feel better about dealing with for warranty and support. looks like corsair CS450M is on sale. also anything from OCZ should be avoided for a few years, till we find out if toshiba can bring up quality standards. samsung 850 evo is one of the best, but is a little more.


                            your game rig is a tough call. i don't think ddr4 memory alone is worth stepping down to an i5 cpu for. the previous motherboard you picked had lots of features that could help future proof it some and did support fast ddr3 memory, just not ddr4. intel keeps changing their sockets, so the most you can plan on to upgrade is kaby lake i7. if trends continue, kaby lake would only be 5-10% faster than skylake, which is almost the same speed as the haswell refresh (i7-4790k). so for the sake of future proofing the cpu, there isn't much there.


                            i just looked at the i7-6700k prices, they have actually gone up alot, while the i7-4790k is going down. the i7-4790k is better value and a haswell-E i7-5820k build is just a little more. for your last skylake i5 build, swapping the samsung 850 pro to the 256gb version, or 500gb evo, and ddr4 2400 or 2666, would get you close to haswell-E i7-5820k build prices. or the i7-4790k with ddr3-2400 and better storage like 2 x samsung 850 evo 500gb. the i7-4790k with fast ddr3 will be good enough for games and editing 1080p editing.


                            two hdd's in raid 0 is done to increase speed and can be done with sata ssd's too. if you don't need that large of capacity, a single ssd may still be over 2x faster than raid hdd's. two hdd's might cost around $110, vs samsung 850 evo 500gb around $150.

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                              A5PECT Level 1

                              Oops, the SFX was an oversight on my part. I'm trying to use the holiday deals to help stay within budget, so for now 300w or 450w depends on what goes on sale. Good news is I managed to dig up an old GTX 660 to pop in if needed.


                              Edit: This article seems to verify that only integrated graphics acceleration is supported in PE13+. I still might install that 660 anyways.


                              I've updated the part list for my gaming/edit rig:


                              2a ... 4790k, DDR3-2400, Z97

                              I'm leaning back towards the 4790k for the price/performance. Memory has been upped slightly.


                              2b ... 5820k, DDR3-2666, X99

                              I'm tentative about going into the enthusiast line with the 5820k since I'm not quite doing professional-level work yet. From what I've learned 6+ cores aren't particularly useful for gaming, but what are the potential performance gains for Premiere? I also use 3D modeling and animation software, so those may benefit from the extra cores. The decision between 2a and 2b seems to hinge on whether I want to dedicate the rig more towards gaming or slightly more towards editing. My current CPU is an i5 2500k clocked to about 4.2Ghz. So I'm thinking a 5820k will be a minor upgrade at best when it comes to gaming applications, and a significant improvement when it comes to production.


                              2c ... 6600k, DDR4-3200, Z170

                              The 6600k is losing my favor as I look through benchmarks and compare it to the 4790k. Now I'm thinking if I do go Skylake, I want a 6700k. But I don't want to deal with the price hike.

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                                RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                                so food for thought, the x99 build is 6% more money than the i7-4790k build, but 15-20% faster... that i5 skylake build is almost the same price as the x99 build, forget skylake with those prices. x99 also has cpu upgrade options for future proofing, up to 10 core broadwell-E. part picker also shows a combo deal on the cpu+ssd to save more.


                                i believe most 3D/animation software uses cpu so the extra performance would help there. some use gpu rendering, so if you plan on doing that with the gtx 980 ti the cpu may not be as important for some of your programs. for games, many do not multi-thread to use 6 cores. that means you could loose a few fps with the 6 core in some situations, unless you can get it overclocked to similar speeds as the 4 core i7's. more of the newer games are using mult-threading, so 6 cores would be future proofing for games.

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                                  bjørn erikf68147330

                                  i got sli gtx 980 , 6 coore intel, 4200mhz and still when i press play to watch my video in the adobe premier elemts 14 program it lags. this is small video from a sony nex vg 20 , hd video 1080p , 50 fps. *hi quality cam i guess.

                                  i just ask is it normal?

                                  working and loading is okay , but lags when i press play. this happens after i add some music and some small picture in picture stuff, stil just home testing it should not be much i hoped , so i did not like laggy for so small video editing i guess. could this program work on a small mac or a laptop? if so my pc and win 10 is not healthy..

                                  working good in games and all other stuff.



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                                    Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                    John T Smith wrote:


                                    PE does not do hardware acceleration like PPro, so almost any modern card will work


                                    Actually, new for version 14:


                                    Hardware acceleration


                                    New in Adobe Premiere Elements 14


                                    Hardware acceleration is now enabled for rendering, playback, and export on computers that have Intel HD Graphics 2000 and newer. If required, you can choose to disable hardware acceleration.


                                    For more information, see General preferences.

                                    from here:

                                    Help | What's new in Adobe Premiere Elements 14

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                                      John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                      >I decided to go for Skyake: an i5 6600k


                                      Do be aware that Microsoft says you MUST use Windows 10 with that CPU, so if you had planned on Win7 or Win8.1 Microsoft says no

                                      -reply #6 says Win10 ONLY if you use an Intel 'Skylake' CPU Caution - Windows 10 "sneaky" upgrade!