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    Liquid Help: Web App Search for Item in Category and Sub-Category?


      Good morning!


      I'm new to Liquid and not sure how to proceed. I would like to create a web app search form that allows users to select properties based on two fields, similar to this example.


      Fruit Type (Dropdown Menu): Apple, Orange, Pear.

      User selects Apple.

      Sub-Type (Dropdown Menu) is updated to list only Apple types: Braeburn, Gala, Red Delicious.

      User selects Braeburn and clicks Submit.

      Results page displays all web app items that are both Apple and Braeburn, while excluding all Oranges, all Pears, and any Apples that are not also Braeburn.


      I could use categories/classifications to accomplish something similar to (though not quite as useful as) this functionality, but I'd like to begin taking advantage of the superior options available through Liquid.


      Any help would be appreciated.