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    I downloaded a ZXP file from Scene7, it is an Adobe Photoshop Extension plug-in.  Getting error when opening this ZXP file.  My version of Photoshop has to be Version 12 or greater.   I am running version 13?

    Bob Berichon

      I am running MAC OS Mavericks  version 10.9.5.  I am running Design and Web Premium CS6.  Photoshop Version 13.0.6.

      I downloaded a ZXP file from Scene 7, an Adobe Plug in Extension for Photoshop but get an error I can't open it because my version

      of Photoshop is not 12 or greater.  It is greater, it is version 13.0.6.


      Please Advise.Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 8.59.08 AM.png



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