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    Help - lost access to purchased books after deauthorizing


      Dear all,


      I'm really hoping someone out there can help me with the following issue:


      I was using ADE on my MacBook Pro to access an e-book I purchased online (it's all of the collected works of a particular author, and was pricy); I had authorized initially *without* a Vendor/Adobe ID.


      Just yesterday, I purchased a second book and after clicking on the .acsm file received the error message: "Error getting License. License Server Communication Problem: E_ACT_NOT_READY"

      I saw in these forums that the way to remedy that was to deauthorize my computer. I did that, downloaded the second book, and was able to open it.

      Unfortunately, when I went back to access the *first* book, I was unable to open it as a result of deauthorizing my computer in order to access the second book. I tried deauthorizing again and now have access to neither book. Now, when I try to open either one, I get the message "Computer Authorization Needed. This computer needs to be authorized with a Vendor ID to open [title]". I don't have a Vendor ID for these. I spent quite a bit of money on both (I need them for research), and am now in a huge pickle. If I try to re-download the titles, I get the error message "Unable to download: Error getting License. License Server Communication Problem: E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER"

      Have the most recent ADE version installed (4.5...) I would be *so* grateful for any help any of you can provide me. Really don't know where to go from here.

      Thanks so much in advance,