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    Slow Premiere 13 Project Asset load.


      Adobe Premiere Elements 13 (current version).  Does the installed PC's active virus software (McAfee Suite) slow down the loading of Premiere Project Assets?  I have a pretty good size video project created.  Opening that project takes about upwards to 20+ minutes until all the individual thumb nail images included with the Project Assets are fully displayed.  A bit of a pain as one cannot really start working the project until all elements are present.  Do these virus suites typically re-verify each file as it is reloaded?  I don't understand exactly how Adobe is building the Project Assets, but, it seems to me that they could be using a better indexing formula to speed this process up.  Besides McAfee, I also run a malware suite (Malwarebytes), which, I guess, could also be contributing to this slowness issue.  I wonder, since all the Adobe PE13 files are on my PC, do you think the virus and malware programs even bother to look at them during a PE13 load process or is it only when a outside new file is entering the PC system (and, of course during a scan)?

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          McAfee is notorious for its interference with Premiere Elements. So that it do not take an unnecessary hit in this case, why not disable it and do before and after test to determine if disabling it has any effect on the program's performance. As I recall, some had to uninstall rather than just disable it via Real Time Protection.


          When you talk about "a pretty good size video project created", could you put some numbers on that in terms of duration and complexity?


          Lots more question...

          a. Latest version of QuickTime, and running programs as administrator (user account with administrative privileges)?

          b. Latest video card/graphics card driver version according to web site of manufacturer of the card?

          c. Computer description - processor, clock speed, installed available RAM, free hard drive space.....?

          d. What are the formats in the project and how complex is the Timeline structure and content when these projects are saved closed?

          e. Where are you storing the source media for these projects?


          Please consider and supply more information.


          Thank you.



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            While trouble shooting a memory error with a Dell Tech, come to find out my PC (a Dell Studio XPS 7100) is not certified to run my current Windows 10 operating system!  Nice.  So my options are to roll it back to Windows

            7 or, since I have so few problems with this machine, just keep 10 and go with the flow.  As for the Adobe problem we have been discussing.....really makes no sense to try and figure it out while the 10 operating system is in play. 


            Since this 10 versions is a better runner than 7 was, I think I will keep it.


            Maybe Santa will bring me a new computer?!

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              Thanks for the follow up.


              Is the computer's manufacturer basing the not certified on the fact that it has not gotten around to testing your model rather than there are known problems upgrading your model computer to Windows 10 64 bit?


              Please update us on your progress as your time permits.


              Best wishes for your Santa list.



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                Based on the fact that the model is over five years old, purchased in early 2010. Apparently that is the magic number for Dell.  Funny, I don't remember that being part of Dell's sales pitch when they sold it to me!