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    Flash CS6 crashes all the time after installing El Capitan - how do I get it working again?

    John Harlequin

      I am in big trouble if I can't get Flash CS6 working again.  I have just updated my Mac to El Capitan and since then whenever I try exporting SWF movies Flash crashes.


      I Googled the problem and have followed the instructions to uninstall Flash, use the Creative Cloud Cleaning Tool and reinstall Flash CS6, but now it just crashes all the time - I create a new file and the movie opens in the top left of the screen without any panels etc. I try to open the normal developer or animator panels and it crashes immediately.


      I am now downloading the latest set of updates for Flash CS6 in the hope that they will work.


      Can anyone give me a clue what to do to get this working.  I'm basically out of a job if I can't get this to work!  Sounds dramatic, but it's true.


      Help, please