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    Flash components and the properties inspector

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      Don't know if any of you have had experience in creating components that
      can have properties set using the properties inspector or not, but here
      we go.

      I have several components which all have a 'data' property that is an
      Object in which a developer can store arbitrary data.

      I have set this up in the component so that it will display in the
      properties inspector, thusly:

      private var _data:Object;

      Now, it does indeed appear in the inspector, but when I click on the
      field it brings up a box which then doesn't allow me to enter any data
      (see screenshot: http://www.moloko.f2s.com/filetransfer/componentParams.png)

      However, if I right-click on the symbol in the library, go to Component
      Definition, then click on the Data property in the Value column, it
      brings up a box that's a little bit more what I was expecting in that it
      contains the '+' and '-' buttons to allow me to add/delete data, and
      also some up/down arrows to allow me to move the data around in the list
      (see screenshot:

      Anyone know what's going on with this? Is this a bug in the Flash IDE or
      am I doing something wrong??
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