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    Help with Error message in Flex 2.0 while trying to import from a library of classes

      The following code is in a folder named saras. Inside saras is a file named saras.as and a library of classes named ASCB3Library. I downloaded this library after I purchased a book named ActionScript 3.0 CookBook. I have tried every way I know for a full week to instantiate the pen class from the library. I have e-mail the book publishers and I understand that the author has changed jobs --- I definately am not trying to make any bad references --- I am simply asking for help --- there must be someone out there with my same problem --- I am nottoo sharp but I am not so obtuse as I seem to be making myself.

      package {
      import flash.display.Sprite;
      import ASCB#Library.classes.ascb.drawing.Pen;
      //import ascb.drawing.Pen;
      public class saras extends Sprite
      public function saras() {

      var pen:Pen = new Pen(graphics);
      pen.drawArc(100,100,50,80,20, true);