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    won't save changes

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      Hi all,


      I'm wondering if anyone has come across this. I open my PDF file, choose "accessibility' tool tab, choose 'Reading Order', define all my headings, text and figures. I click on the save button on the top tool bar, it goes gray and the file in windows explorer updates to the current time.


      My problem is it didn't save anything!!!


      I can close the file, open it, go to the accessibility tool tab, choose reading order and there is nothing. I can open a file I did months ago and the page is filled with a header, text and figures with alternate text.


      I have just noticed this in the last week. We have not had any upgrades done during this time.


      I did just try something before submitting this. I broke it down piece by piece. I selected everything that I wanted to be sent to background and hit save. I then selected one of my figures, assigned it as figure and hit save and closed the accessibility tool tab. When I came back into it to assign everything else it had saved the one figure. I did everything else (all the other figures, alt text and heading) and hit save all was good. But if I go back and clear page structure, I can not do it all at once. I have to break it down into baby steps.

      What is odd is while I'm assigning the content I have the order flyout open on the left hand side with the 'Order: View, reorder and retag structure PDF information tab current which allows me to see each content added on the fly and I can see if it's not going to work because when I hit the save button is disappears from that list. If it's going to work it stays.


      I am on Acrobat Pro DC, on Windows 7 Professional, i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20 GHz, 16GB of RAM on  a 64-bit OS.


      Not sure if anyone can make sense of what I have posted but I hope you can. It's very frustrating.