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    That Trial Subscription Seems Like A Fraud To Me.


      So I finally got a chat to appear when trying to cancel after my credit card had been charged. First they tried to charge me a cancellation fee. Now I am being told the amount charged to my account will not be refunded. This is terrible. It clearly shows below that many other people had the same problem. This was a trial. I can see if I had downloaded the amount of pictures for the month. But I have downloaded 1 picture and that was at the beginning of the trial. I will do what ever I have to do to get my money refunded. I mean all last week, there was not CHAT option, no number or email to cancel just given  the option to click the forum. Now that  you have charge my account the chat option appears. I even tried this morning when I posted the first forum comment. Thats why I decided to try to forum. Sound fishy and fraudulent to me.