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    Can i change duration of a motion title?


      Hi, I added a template title from the menu bar, and it is defaulting to 9 seconds for the full animation. I would still like it to do the animation, but in 5 seconds (just a bit faster). I tried trimming it, but then it won't allow me to change the text again, and it doesn't complete the full animation. Any advice?

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          According to the Adobe description of Premiere Elements 14 Motion Titles

          You cannot trim motion titles or edit a motion title after splitting it. Editing is also disabled for time-stretched clips.

          You can find the original version of the motion title clip that was trimmed in Project Assets. (bin)

          this is found https://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-elements/using/motion-titles.html


          What specific Motion Title are you working with?


          I created one Motion Title with 6 seconds duration and one with 8 seconds and then, after creating them, used the Time Stretch Tool to take each to a duration of 5 seconds.

          I did not have problem with either one and getting the full animation complete.

          Motion Titles used: onlinetypography07 and WeddingLowerThirdTwo. Animation was FadeInByCharacter


          Please give more details, and I will give this a look with your details. The idea is to create the Motion Title before any trimming or Time Stretching which will block you from further editing the Motion Title.


          Please consider.