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    3d camera tracker won't work on pc




      I have After Effects CC (2015). I am not sure what version I have tried unisntalling and reinstalling multiple times and it still doesn't work. I know its not the footage because I could get it to work on my laptop (it's a mac). I am at a lost I have a project I'd really like to finish but it appears that it just doesn't want to work. Any help would be amazing thank you.



      OS: Windows 7 64 bit

      CPU: AMD FX(tm)-9590 Eight-Core Processor

      CPU Cooler: Corsair H105

      GPU: MSI twin Frozr Geforce GTX 760

      PSU: Corsair 750w 80+ gold

      MOBO: Sabertooth 990FX R2.0

      Ram: G. Skill Trident X Series (32 GB)

      HHD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB

      SSD: Corsair Force Series GT 120 GB

      Case: NZXT H440

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          xXjoubalXx Level 1

          I forgot to add when I run the tracker it will analyze but when it gets to the solving part it will either freeze and crash after effects when I click on it or just fail outright.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Try using CC 2014: How to Find and Install Previous Version of Adobe Apps in CC 2015

            CC 2015 is the beginning of a major change to AE's internal code. It's not yet a finished, full architecture and it's a bit on the buggy side at the moment. There is an update coming in less than a week (the "end of the month" according to the Adobe folks) that is meant to fix a lot of bugs in CC 2015. It might fix this one. It might not, but you don't have to wait for the update to try it.

            Just use CC 2014. It has a lot fewer issues. Track your footage there and then, if you want, you can open that project file in CC 2015 to continue working. CC 2014 and CC 2015 can both work with the same project files without issue.


            Now, this problem you're experiencing might not have anything to do with CC 2015's architecture change and bugs. It might have something to do with the footage. Your computers are very different from each other so the fact that it works on one, but not the other doesn't mean it's not still something to do with the footage. If you want to be able to work in CC 2015 and you want us to help, we'll need to know what happens when you try to use the camera tracker. How does it "not work"? Also, what format and codec is that footage?

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              xXjoubalXx Level 1

              2014 worked I'll just wait for the update and call it a day Thank you so much!!