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    Adobe has no regard for customers - after software functioned well for a few months, it stopped working

    keyarc Level 1

      Then I tried Adobe's support on line. The person on the other end couldn't find the problem so asked if they could have access to my computer. While having access to my computer, the service agent screwed up the settings on my computer, creating problems that took hours for me to repair after the call. The call itself took 3 hours. In summary:

      1. the software stopped working and not only did this interrupt my work, but I spent probably 10 hours trying to figure out the problem, researching forums and so on trying to find out the problem.
      2. I called support and the call took 3 hours and repaired nothing.
      3. After the call, I had to reinstall some other drivers and make other adjustments to get my computer functioning again. This took another 10 hours.


      This amounts to a total of approximately 33 hours to repair the problem with Adobe Acrobat - and then there is the fact and inconvenience that I no longer had a PDF software to use for my work and had to do without until I had time to search for an alternative. My work is extremely busy at times (sometimes requiring working overnight and often getting only a few hours of sleep a night for weeks or months).


      Adobe offered to try to repair again, but I had lost significant time on my project, which had a deadline and couldn't risk wasting more time on this dysfunctional software and their dysfunctional support. So I did not. Eventually, i sent a notice to cancel my subscription, but it was ignored. I changed my credit card and that stopped Adobe billing.


      Aside from my black listing Adobe Acrobat as a possible software to use, my point is the following:


      Everybody in the world has deadlines for performance at their jobs, for delivering on an order, and otherwise. Software companies seem to think they are removed from this requirement because of the fussy nature of computing - I disagree - basic software programs are no longer fussy. Taking unreasonable amounts of time to get software functioning properly is unacceptable. I expect Adobe to return the funds for the duration the software was not functioning.


      FYI, I am running Windows 7 Pro on an HP Elitebook 8540w.