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    content created on Indesign CC is disappearing


      Hello. A week ago I created a "digital publishing" Indesign document with 12 blank pages. I spent a few hours working on the 12th page and saved the document when I was finishing working on the 12th page.
      Today I opened the document and began working on the 1st page of the document. When I finished the 1st page and saved the document I noticed that the 12th page which I worked on is now blank. It appears that the content form the 12th page had completely disappeared. I am unable to press 'undo' as I have already saved over the file. I'm sure the solution can't be too complex. I must have somehow accidentally deleted the content on the 12th page. How can I undo this action. I would prefer to sacrifice the work I did on the 1st page in order to retrieve the work I did on the 12th page.
      Content from the 12th page which featured under "links" has disappeared.




      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, and I apologise if I have left out any crucial details etc as this is my first time posting on here (and also my first time using ID..)



      Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 1.17.46 pm.png