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    Does Presenter work with writing tablets


      I understand you can switch back and forth between yourself and PowerPoint, but I would like to use a writing tablet instead.  I teach math and engineering concepts, so it's a lot easier to draw them and show equations than writing equations in PP and making a slide for each step.  Ideally I would like to switch between me and what I'm writing.  Can that be done?  can you substitute an electronic tablet in lieu of PP?



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          RicherRags Adobe Employee

          Yes, it can be done. I have tried using a writing tablet called Boogie Board and it works like this.


          You attach the tablet to the USB drive and start writing on the tablet. This will essentially project back whatever you are writing on the tablet on your computer screen. Now you may already know that Presenter Video Express captures whatever appears on your screen and the webcam together. So you can start explaining the Math as you write and PVX can capture what you write on the tablet as well as you (webcam + mic).


          Am sure there are other writing tablets, and I would be equally interested in hearing about experiences with other tablets.

          Here is a video created by my colleague which showcases what you can do with PVX - Khan Academy Style Videos using Presenter Video Express - YouTube

          Please let us know if this addresses your need. We would also love to hear from others in the community about the videos they create with PVX.



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            Martyr225 Level 1

            Great News!  I'll check out your video!


            Thanks much!