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    Premiere CC - How Setting Hardware?

    shadowrun Level 1


         I have a request and a little problem....



      My Copmuter:


      Intel i7 5960X + Asus X99 Pro + 32GB DDR4 + Gigabyte GTX970 4GB

      + Power 750W + 2x HDD Western Digital Black 1TB

      + SSD 128GB OCZ + SSD 256GB Crucial.


      My question is: How hard drive do the system? How cache?

      How prewiev files? generally - where? What? as?!


      How setting THE BEST rendering, export etc?

      I want to be everything worked as it should - maybe buy something others (drive etc..)??



      I will be grateful for your help,

      Regards Robert


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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          do a 3 drive setup, similar to this, but modified since you have OCZ drive. Generic Guideline for Disk Setup


          256gb = os/programs

          128gb = cache, previews if they fit.  (place only data/files that won't matter when drive fails)

          2xWD hdd with motherboard raid-0 = projects/media  (the media on here will need backed up to an external drive, copies of the project file can be placed on 256gb ssd for convenience.)


          if you want to buy something faster, you should look at sata or pcie m.2 samsung ssd.

          if you need large capacity you can raid samsung 850 sata ssd's. if small capacity and faster, samsung 950 pro 512gb m.2.

          what to do with samsung 950