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    Feedback on PC build/hardware for After effects / Cinema4d


      Hey all,


      We are in the midst of buying a new PC, and would like your input if the specs meet our demand.


      What we do:

      We will be using the system for mainly After Effects and Element3D, Premiere Pro and Cinema4D running Windows 10.


      Here is what we have come up with so far:


      Intel® Core™ i7-6700K 4x4.00GHz (Turbo 4.20GHz) 8MB cache HT

      Asus Geforce GTX970 STRIX 4GB GDDR5

      500GB SSD Samsung 850 EVO

      32GB DDR4-2666 HyperX/Vengaence RAM

      Asus Z170-P Skylake motherboard

      Corsair VS550 550W power supply


      Hope to get some feedback from you guys!



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          cc_merchant Level 4

          Change the EVO into a Pro and add another SSD.

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            RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

            the prices on the i7-6700k have gone up alot, and aren't worth the current prices. that leaves the i7-4790k or i7-5820k builds as better options.

            the i7-4790k is similar speed but only uses ddr3. with the right motherboard it can be overclocked and use fast ddr3 memory, like 2400mhz +.

            the i7-5820k is 6 cores and about 15-20% faster than the other 4 core i7's. the cpu may be cheaper, but the x99 motherboard costs more. the cpu may be the best investment for performance, and the x99 platform will also offer better upgrade options when broadwell-E is released.


            Generic Guideline for Disk Setup  samsung evo should be fine for os/apps, but pro is better and recommended for a cache drive as it has better endurance.

            you may want a higher quality power supply than the "value series". at least 750w if going with the x99 build. higher watt psu's can help with higher/max overclocks too.

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              dissidently Level 2

              Yes, if you're considering doing being a digital creative, get the 6 core i7-5820k.


              Digital creative workloads are one of the few areas where more cores is often a great boost to your productivity and the performance of your machine, in many ways that don't often become apparent until you work on something with less cores.


              From file management to conversions to large arrays of vertex adjustments to anything that involves pumping data in and out of memory whilst doing something else, and especially for all the best renderers, more cores is best!!!