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    Realtime playback linear workflow

    Martijn van Moock



      if I play a clip of video footage (prores) in a comp it plays in realtime (after RAM preview). When I change the bitdepth up to 32bits, it still does playback in realtime. But when I change the color mode to a linear workspace it doesn't play in realtime anymore, it does only do 5/25fps.


      Is there a way I can still (RAM)preview the comp in realtime in AE when I'm using a linear workspace?


      I'm working on this machine:

      MacPro later 2013

      3GHZ 8core

      64GB memory

      SSD drive

      2x AMD FirePro D700 6144MB each



      OSX 10.10.5

      AE 2015.0.1