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    Unable to verify payment address

    pintstabilo Level 1

      Credit card expired

      Signed in

      Updated expiry date


      I get this error.


      "The billing address information is invalid. Please correct your address and try again."


      My address is the same one that's been on file for 10+ years and I use everywhere else on the internet, sigh!!!!


      Try every single combination of address entry and it's apparently invalid.


      Went onto live chat, which was slow and tedious answering the same questions over and over again.


      Was told they'd send me a link to enter my credit details and they'd update them for me, really!! That not only sounds highly irregular but why not get the problem fixed properly rather than working around it.


      Am now awaiting a phone call to................


      It's address verification for goodness sake, not rocket science.


      Very VERY frustrated as I have a deadline and can no longer use CC.

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          pintstabilo Level 1

          This is made more frustrating by the fact that I was forced into moving to CC despite having previously paid £100's for a standalone Creative Suite.


          Deadline - YES

          £540+ paid in last 12 months - YES

          Creative Cloud - NO

          Phone Call - NO


          Why does a company the size of Adobe continually have basic issues like this?