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    Illustrator file in After Effect


      Hi all,

      I have a problem editing linked illustrator file in my after effect project.

      I am trying to edit an after effect template (its been given to me).

      The After Effect project file shows few .ai file in the project manager panel. So it looks like there has been different illustrator files linked into the project.

      So I have to edit one of these .ai files has to be edited. However, when I right click on the file to "reveal in explorer" it takes me to one main .ai file with all the other artworks in single art-board on top of each other. 

      This illustrator file is made out of 1layer group. When I reveal the layer I can see how everything is in a different layer.

      My problem is after editing the illustrator file all of sudden after effect loses the link to the illustrator file and i have relinked it back to the project. Even when i do that my edited layer stays as missing.


      It seems that there is some sort of After effect arrangements to the Illustrator file that I am missing,

      I understand that my explanation might not be very clear so please feel free to ask questions,


      I really appreciate if anyone could guide me please