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    Moving images from a local hard drive to networked drive while maintaining catalog settings...?


      LR 5.7.1 (Standalone)

      Windows 10

      Intel Xeon X5365 (2x)

      16G RAM


      I have my main catalog on a local hard drive which is now full at 1.8T.    This drive and subfolders are syncronized across to a network (NAS) drive as well.

      Is there a way to point the catalog files to the network drive to keep all of my edits associated with the originals ?


      I would assume I would keep the LRCAT ect files in a directory on the local drive , but keep the source images on the network drive .  I know I can NOT run the CAT files from a network path...


      I am hoping there is an easier way to do this than create a whole new catalog from the network drive file?   (I have over 100k .dng files in my library ...)


      Is just dragging folders within LR to the network drive in the catalog from the local drive best option ?